Saturday, February 28, 2009


Last nite, as usual we having a family gathering and BBQ. Here is some of our menu.

Fish and Prawn

Chicken and Beef and 'Ayam Kampung' claw (me myself wonder why is black in colour)

Tapioca leave and 'kangkung goreng belacan'

cat + human

Aren't we looked the same??? Just borrowed Mr Cegaloo tshirt for a while............. :)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr Cegaloo!!

Mr Cegaloo is my brother and sister in law cat. Just an ordinary cat but love to see his moved. A few week ago, he was taking care by me while the boss away for the holiday. In 5 days 4 nights he gain 200gm.

On the way back to my home.

Checking around the house.

Taking a rest after busybody checking the house.

Yesterday Mr Cegaloo pissed out on the boss bed and send to checked in to my house. In a deep sleep after dramatically nervous by the sound of big boss voice.

When he wake-up, wish to spoilt the boss laptop. hahahaa!!!
Taking revenge after scolded b
y the boss!!!


Have A Nice Day!!

Cak!! hahhaa.. Good morning!
Wish you guys have a great day and
enjoy life as seem there is no tomorrow...

Today such a beautiful day....
Starting the day with a bright sunshine.

wake up early again doing some laundries...
oohh i hate it but i love the smell of fresh dry clothes

Then take a bit of my time doing the inner cleaning of this little creatures. Lately i didn't taking care much of 'blackie'. Hope he won't mad and acted some weird 'behaviour'. After all, i love him, he is one of precious property i have...

Dress all my best for office! To cheers up my mood and rise up my soul!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


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Morning Me!

wake up early this morning, realizing that the water pressure is quite low. Emmm... could it be 'Laku' <- our water authority, slow down the pressure because for the last 3 days it been raining heavyly or somewhere somehow in this neighbourhood the pipe is burst! (My bestfriend whose is my neighbour, used to bring out all those towel to my house as their area the pipe is burst!) So... to take precaution, i'm having my bath at 5.30am in the morning!! Extra ordinary then usual, 6.45am. Whose know it might go to really minimal pressure when everyone is wake-up for work after 6.
After dress up, put on make-up, i don't know what to do. Ready for breakfast? Don't bother it, everyone is having breakfast out there. So save my time and my energy. I love it :) Since it was too early for office, so here i am........Last nite i couldn't log in to the internet just after the first posting. Resently the internet site connection here is too bad. I mean internet okay, easily log in but can't viewing the site. My friend just having his internet line cut off because he is too fed up with the connection. Rather than just pay it free without using the service so why wasting your $ on thing that didn't satisfied you. Well, it's up to individual and their own opinion.
I never guess that writing the posts is really take my time. I got a lot of idea but always stuck on how to make the ideas become reality. Showing what i want to share by adding picture, adding some quote. And guess what???!!! I take one whole day doing my '7 Days of the week" post last sunday. Downloading almost 100 cats pic! Not to mention, problem while uploading the pic which make me really wish to burn out the internet line! But how to do hah??? :D That the most crazy post i ever do!! The post is so simple but the efforts is...... CRUSHED!!!!!

Opsss!!! time to go for work!.. Wish Everybody Have A Nice Day!!!! p/s sooooo many LO and AA have to do. And not to forget today is briefing day!!!

Just me,


Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Blues!

Every monday, i guess most of us will start our day with this face...

Or this kind of face.........

And for you everybody out there........

And me..........

Blur monday..............

Sunday, February 22, 2009

7 days of the week!!

MONDAY - Oh NOOOO!!! Monday maniac morning is strike again. But no matter what or how i feels, i've to choose to love monday. This is the beginning day of the week. I wake up in the morning, brush teeths, taking bath, put on my make up and not to forget say a little prayer for You. Drive to the office taking about 10mins and traffic jam free, listen to the music in volume no. 21! (my favourite song now are I'm nok OK, Beautiful lie, Scars, Right Now Na Na Na, The killed and bla bla bla...) By listening to all those fast and rock song, hopely my monday mind can moved and think actively creatively. Starting my daily work with half hearted and most of time, how i wish it was sunday morning......

TUESDAY - i am back on track again. Knowing that i have to worked hard to survive. Hoping to get a lot of money so i can have good foods, can treat my family and my best friends well. Today is a briefing day. Most of the times listen with a blur face of what the boss talking about. And the disaster moments is when the boss with a lion face lecturing us bout our business performance. In the mind wish can fired the boss mouth! Banggg!!!!!

WEDNESDAY - The working mood is really back on track again. Money!! Money!!! Every footstep will always need a money. So i work hard for the money! Work hard for the money!! (yeah! yeah!).In the office, I love to fooling around, joking, teasing my colleagues. Hence i'm still a very committed and hardworking person. I always make sure every assignment and case that i'm handling will settle untill the end. And not to mention, sometimes there is a war between colleagues. But no matter what and despite of our differences, we still have to love and respect each others.

THURSDAY - Briefing again. Always make me feels sleepy especially when boss talking about productive, business performance, target here and there. I guess somebody do feels the same too. Understand that boss have to brief us all about this because this is our line of business all about. Even him himself sometimes stuck in the middle of something, want to make the staffs happy without pressured us but in the same time have to make sure that the branch achieved the target. And always a time we even argue and wish to killed each other, but most of all, in the end, we have to worked together again because this is a life that we've choosed, involving ourselves in a white collar but tough job... To all my colleagues, work hard, eat hard and play hard!! hahahaa!! :)

FRIDAY - YahoOo!!! Can leave office by 4.30pm. Strolling at the park for a fresh air. Or sometime, hanging out with friends and family to karaoke, jamming, celebrating up coming week-end or most of time choose to just sitting watching movie or surfing internet until drop... The choice is always in my hand.

SATURDAY - Wake up late, doing the one week laundries, cleaning the house and if it was too tired i'm gonna take a little nap. The evening usually having a family gathering. Chilled out ourselves and doing some BBQ, gossiping, laughing and even doing some weird thing. The great pleasure of happiness when family are around.

SUNDAY - Another great holiday to celebrate. Have a nice breakfast, sometimes watching movie, surfing internet (posting a blog) and if it was a good weather, i going to nearby beach to see the sunset.

Well, that all bout my crucial hectic beautiful lie in a beautiful life...
( i guess it was)